Food quality and safety: Righi has been a subscriber to voluntary BRC and IFS certification for some time. Standards are continually evolving in line with consumer expectations, so Righi certification is renewed every year.

Righi uses accredited outsourcing facilities in order to control our entire range, starting with prime ingredients to guarantee that the products we bring to your table are wholesome and delicious. We also coordinate and monitor the cleansing and disinfecting processes analytically in work spaces, and ensure it’s done by staff trained to carry out their own health and hygiene checks. These are important factors in pursuing our objectives in terms of production, ethical practice, quality and management, and in responding to consumer demands in a responsible and transparent manner.


Prime Ingredients

The use of prime ingredients and the careful selection of vegetables, dairy products, cured meats and other elements that go into our products means they meet the highest quality standards.

Righi employs its extensive experience in selecting approved suppliers, so our customers can be confident that only the finest ingredients go into our products.

Through careful management and regular review of our suppliers, we guarantee that our ingredients always offer maximum safety and are of consistent quality.


Ingredients list

For detailed information on the ingredients in specific products, please see the product packaging or company data sheets.



Righi products may contain traces of fish, shellfish, nuts (almonds), celery and mustard.

For a more accurate analysis of any allergens that may be contained in a specific product, please see the ingredients list on the packaging.


The production process

Creating quality products means combining the finest ingredients within a strictly-controlled production process, and respecting the tradition that inspires all our products.

Consequently, advanced processing technologies are employed alongside manual procedures, where the experience and precision of our operators ensures compliance with product standards.


Self-monitoring system and certification

The company has an in-house self-monitoring system for managing both external market processes and internal company processes promptly and scrupulously.

Righi has been a holder of ISO 9000 and BRC grade A certification for many years.


We perform over 600 monitoring procedures every year across our 3 facilities, covering raw ingredients, semi-finished products, finished products, surface hygiene and environmental health.

We work with many retail chains.

The group's Quality department is composed exclusively of graduates in technical food subjects, and technicians with proven experience who lead the Research and Development department.

Righi works with a front-line analysis laboratory that has an international reputation, established in 22 countries around the world with over 7,000 employees across 100 facilities.

Our labels are legally approved by a studio with proven experience and the relevant technical and regulatory expertise.

All 3 facilities are IFS and BRC certified.

BRC and IFS is the most sought-after certification in the food sector; these are voluntary qualifications and are the global reference standards in terms of food safety and hygiene.

Established by the large purchasing groups, these standards have a specific set of requirements geared towards the correct management of hygiene aspects at every stage of management, production and distribution in the food processing industry.

Righi employs:

  • a management system that enables the company to increase its overall level of food safety and respect for the environment in keeping with our duties regarding quality, safety and legal obligations;
  • a system that increases production efficiency, improving the quality of internal processing operations with stricter controls and protocols;
  • a system that improves overall company management in general, and above all facilitates improvement of the control and monitoring of critical elements within it;
  • a system that reduces the number of stages in production, eliminates waste and achieves better end results by minimising the likelihood of product recall or withdrawal;
  • a system that limits possible risks linked to accidents;
  • a system and an organisation ready to engage in commercial opportunities in   Europe and around the world.
BRC Food Certificate
IFS Food Certificate