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Present on the market since more than 25 years, Righi with seat in Reggio Emilia is the leading Company in the production and distribution of traditional frozen food and in particular in the savoury pastry and in the puff pastry snacks fields.

Righi has always been a synonimous with genuine food: we use top quality raw materials and we use the typical traditional recipes of the territory, that's why the Company is recognised for its autheticity and tradition.

The typical initiative of businessmen from Reggio Emilia, who have founded the Company on a local product such as the Erbazzone reggiano, have turned the little handicraft company into a modern company known all over Italy.

The small workshop over the years has turned into a company with all the modern processes and operative systems, while respecting the authentic production methods and the quality philosophy that has always characterized the owners choices.

Passion, commitment and confidence are the key points on which the Company is based, with also the courage to constantly offer products and value services for their own customers.