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Cooking time 25'
For the oven 180°C
Oven bake before eating. For best results bake directly from frozen in a preheated oven at 180°C for approximately 25 minutes, until browned to taste.
Family size Family size
in Italy

Bring to the table all the flavor and simplicity of a wholesome, appetizing product prepared to a traditional homemade recipe. A symbol of Ligurian cuisine and a dish with a long history, the EASTER PIE is a savory pie filled with ricotta, eggs and herbs and is a favorite in many parts of Italy.

The new PUFF PASTRY, light and skilfully crafted, gives our EASTER PIE a delicate, mouth-watering aroma.

For best results serve a slice of EASTER PIE warm with low-fat cheese or mixed vegetable salad, for a light, nutritionally-balanced meal.

RIGHI'S EASTER PIE is a special treat for a family lunch or dinner and a quick, ready-to-cook everyday option.


Freezer ****
-18°C Best before date: see packaging
** -12°C Consume within one month
of purchase
* -6°C Consume within one week
of purchase
  Do not refreeze
after thawing

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