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The quality of frozen foods also depends on the maintainance the "cold chain". Some important tips for choosing transport and storage of frozen foods at home are as follows:

A) In the phase of purchase should be

  • Observed the temperature gauge of the showcase and checked in open desks that the product chosen is placed below the red line that marks the maximum load inside;
  • Do not buy products visually not in good condition;
  • Try to buy products frozen at the end of the purchase.

B) During transportation it is recommended to

  • Use insulated bags;
  • Pack the product in the freezer at home within 30 minutes from purchasing.

C) Once you buy the product is recommended to

  • Keep the product in its original packaging and follow the advice given about the mode of preservation and storage. Depending on the storage temperature the Righi's product may be consumed by:

    Shel life (maximum storage time): see date on the packaging;

    in the freezer:
    *** -18 °C  Consume preferably before the date indicated on conservation
    **  -12 °C  Consume within one month of purchase
    *    -6 °C Consume within one week of purchase

    in the refrigerator: Consume within one day after thawing.

CAUTION: Do not refreeze the product after thawing it